Benban Solar Park

Benban Solar Power Park is the largest Solar complex in Africa. Benban project put Egypt on the solar 
power map and has trigged a renewable revolution in the region. Hytera developed reliable 
communications solution for Benban to help them solve the problem of short-range coverage and 
unstable signals

The Egyptian Electricity Holding company determines specific points for installing the network and 
gives restrict instructions for Middle East technical team about the location. According to the 
requirement and local situation, Hytera has developed customized solutions to customers. Hytera 
provided analog radios TC780, RD985 repeaters and MD785C station for full range coverage of the 
whole project.
Hytera RD985, a simple, smooth and cost-effective digital super repeater, can suit their needs for 
large communication coverage, delivering reliable and high-performance services, which can 
achieve analog-digital auto switch and smooth migration.